Luke Skywalker’s Necklace in The Last Jedi

By Brian Hart

SPOILERS! If you don’t want The Last Jedi spoiled, turn back now!


The guys over at Making Star Wars have reported that Luke will be wearing a necklace with a Kyber crystal in it in The Last Jedi. What stirs the rumor pot more is that is has a connection to Darth Vader.

During production on The Last Jedi, one report suggests that Luke is wearing (or guarding) pieces of Darth Vader’s lightsaber on him but they were obscured and weren’t noticeable unless you were familiar with the Star Wars lore.

The report suggests that Luke is wearing a necklace with Vader’s Kyber crystal encased in a wooden sphere that’s almost the shape of a dog whistle and the crystal is poking out through the bottom of it.

“The strongest stars have hearts of Kyber” – Chirrut Imwe


With Lucasfilm’s mention of Kyber crystals in Rogue One, along with the canon mentions in The Clone Wars, one would hope that the Kyber crystal will serve a purpose here. If so, that means a lot of speculation on how it came to be in Luke’s possession and if it’s something Kylo Ren is seeking, being that he is very interested in relics that relate to grandfather Vader.

It also makes sense that Luke would have Vader’s Kyber crystal in his possession as he was the last person who had access to what was left of Vader, after he died. Now, how Vader’s helmet came into Kylo Ren’s possession is still a head-scratcher.


Maybe Kylo could use the crystal to stabilize his own lightsaber? Maybe it’s just a small detail that will only be fully explored in the comics and novels? Or maybe this is what Kylo is after when he goes to Ahch-To to confront Luke and Rey?

Only time will tell and as of this article’s writing, we have 227 days left to speculate!


Source: Making Star Wars

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