Rumor: Lucasfilm Halts Production On Spinoff Films

According to Collider, Lucasfilm is halting production on any upcoming spinoff films, including the unannounced Boba Fett and Obi Wan Kenobi films.

Given that Solo: A Star Wars Story underperformed at the box office, it is going to be a while before we see another spinoff film from a galaxy far, far away. Lucasfilm will now concentrate its efforts into Episode IX and seems to be taking a long term huddle regarding its other future projects.

The Riann Johnson trilogy, Jon Favreau TV series and the upcoming Weiss/Benioff projects will seemingly still be in production, however Fett and Kenobi, which was rumored to be in preproduction, are off the table for now.

I think Lucasfilm is making a wise decision here, given that both Rogue One and Solo both had to be reshot, not to mention Solo‘s director change. Right now the spinoffs don’t have the best word of mouth behind them, despite Rogue One being a favorite of the new Disney era amongst most fans.

Time will tell what’s in store for our favorite characters and Lucasfilm. With Star Wars Celebration coming in April 2019, Lucasfilm has a lot of time to rethink their strategies before announcing their next slate of upcoming projects.

Keep it tuned to Another Star Wars Page for more as it breaks.

Source: Collider

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