Official: Obi Wan Series Starring Ewan McGregor For Disney+

Helllllloooooo there!

After years of speculation, rumors, more speculation, more rumors and false starts, Lucasfilm has officially announced Kenobi for Disney+!

At D23, Ewan was joines on stage by Kathleen Kennedy who confirmed that scripts have been written and that they will begin shooting sometime next year.

Video from Gossip Hot List

Ewan McGregor will return as Obi Wan for Disney+ and will possibly released sometime next year.

Rumors were abound again this last Thursday that a Kenobi series would be headed to Disney+ with Ewan McGregor “putting on to paper ” for the highly anticipated (and most likely memeable) series.

When Solo under performed at the box office, Lucasfilm changed their focus from movies to streaming series that they could show in their own platform, Disney+; the Obi Wan spinoff became the Obi Wan series.

Kenobi has been on the fans wish list since shortly after Revenge of the Sith un 2005 gave us our last look at McGregor in the role of everyone’s favorite Jedi.

Now, Lucasfilm is banking hard on Disney+ and with this announcement, they just struck fanboy gold.

Deadline announced that they believed Kenobi was a done deal and would be announced at this year’s D23 in Anaheim August 23 – 25.

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