Rise of Skywalker Footage Released

By now you’ve probably seen the D23 footage from The Rise of Skywalker and odds are you’re now watching it again, trying to pick out any little detail you can.

This morning and very early for those of us on the west coast, Lucasfilm dropped the footage that was shown over the weekend at D23 Expo in Anaheim, Ca.

We will most likely get a full length trailer in October, but this was just given to us as a little taste and maybe because the behind the scenes reel is worn out its welcome with these films. We saw quite a bit of the film this time from a massive Star Destroyer fleet, to C3PO’s red eyes to that final shot of Rey with a double bladed RED lightsaber.

Now, if you’ve been following things online this past weekend, the consensus seems to be that this Sith Rey may be a vision of some kind, as in a vision of what she would become if she joins the Dark Side and (possibly Palpatine).

For now, that is all we have but as October comes around, more images and the like will be released and leaked, giving us a better understanding of the plot of the end of the Skywalker saga.

As alwsys, keep it locked here for more news as it breaks!

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