Obi Wan Series On Hold *UPDATED*

Lucasfilm, you are a bold one. The long-awaited Obi Wan Kenobi spinoff series has been put on hold “indefinitely” according to Collider.

Collider reports that Lucasfilm is putting the series on hold for now. Two separate sources said that the crew at Pinewood Studios in London was sent home and production put on hold “indefinitely”.

We’re hearing that Lucasfilm president and Obi-Wan producer Kathleen Kennedy was not happy with the scripts. Sources tell us that what will most likely happen next is the scripts will be reworked with the hopeful goal of reassembling this summer, but there’s always the possibility that that timeframe could shift.

– Collider

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that only two scripts were written and that series writer, Hossein Amini seems to have been let go as Lucasfilm searches for a new writer (I’ll do it for cheap) while director, Deborah Chow is still on board. There have also already been screen tests with other actors acting opposite Ewan McGregor.

With the lukewarm success of The Rise of Skywalker, despite it hitting over a billion dollars at the box office, it’s possible that Kennedy may want to shift the series’ direction in a way that may mirror The Mandalorian due to its recent success, although The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Kennedy is shifting the series away from an old Ben looking after young Luke (and Leia)?

Mando season two is currently in production for a fall 2020 release.

Truth is: we don’t know yet, but hopefully we will eventually. It’s okay that it is being pushed back as it may be beneficial in the long run. Let’s not be too hasty.

UPDATE: Ewan McGregor was at the Birds of Prey event in Hollywood last night and while speaking to Variety, said that the filming was just pushed back from this Summer to next January. I smell damage control, but we may never know. Here is video proof from Fantha Tracks:

With time and training.

Source: Collider, THR, Fantha Tracks