Empire Strikes Back Returns To Theaters This July

The classic returns to theaters July 10, but is it safe?

Did you miss out, or not exist back in 1997 when the Star Wars Special Editions were the last time the original trilogy showed in a public theater? As a part of their reopening process, Regal Theaters has a slew of classic films to entice people back to movie theaters. The big question, though is, do you want to risk your health to Covid 19?

The Empire Strikes Back is among my top three favorite films of all time and I would be hard pressed to miss this, however mine and my family’s health is not worth the gamble.

Regal theaters’ July 10th slate of enticement:

Regal Theaters has also posted the following about following safe practices.

I’m not here to preach, but with cases rising across the country again, I am not taking any chances, even though I really want to experience ESB on the big screen. Even with the extra precautions Regal is taking, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Hopefully this just means that more Star Wars films will be coming to the big screen in the Corona-free future!

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